Essential Oil Quiz
Which essential oil is good for sleep?
Which essetial oil blend is good for reducing feelings of anxiousness?
Which essential oil is good for promoting clear breathing?
Which essential oil is comparable to CBD but offers a higher concentration of chemcial constituents which in turn makes it more effective?
Which essentil oil is good for supporting the digestive track?
Which essential oil has been studied and has shown to be an effective tool when fighting cancer?

Would you like to focus on health and wellness? 


Would you like to use tools from nature to empower yourself to live your best life?


I started this process in my 20's and have never looked back and I now work for a company called doTERRA,  sharing my knowledge of health and wellness. In my line of work, people often message me and ask me "Which oil can I use for this or which oil can I use for that?" Of course we can go right to the oils and get short term help but I always encourage my clients to dig deeper and address root problems. For example skincare: If a client contacts me and asks me what oils are good to support skincare routines, I could totally recommend that a client uses an essential oil like melaleuca (tea tree) mixed with a carrier oil like borage oil but instead I ask my clients things about his or her diet and I ask things about which beauty products he or she uses and I ask things like what kind of stress levels he or she is enduring, etc. You see, in my line of work we always want to get to the root cause and support the body on a cellular level vs. slapping ban aids on things. After digging deeper we can then refer my client to the proper doctors if need be or I can recommend books and websites like mine so she can properly educate herself on how she wants to support her body. 

With that said, have you been introduced to doTERRA and have I told you why I am such a doTERRA snob? If you have questions, I would love to book a free consult with you, where we can go over your health goals and doTERRA products that can help you.  

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Brendyn Gunn

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