In America we are plagued with chronic diseases and our politicians would have you believe that it's because not everyone in America has access to healthcare. Well I am here to say that they are wrong and it's not because of our lack of access to healthcare but because our lack of education. You see with the right mindset, skill set, and tool set many chronic diseases can be managed if not cured. Just Google search with phrases like "clean eating" or "healing from the inside out" or "gut health" etc. The answer my friends doesn't lie in pills but instead is found in nature and plain old self care. I am not here to say that I don't appreciate western medicine but I am a huge fan of supporting the body from the inside out and addressing root causes vs. stamping band aids on things. With that said, please allow me to introduce you to our wellness pyramid that we use with our clients:


I adore using this pyramid because it has a major emphasis on eating clean and I feel like that is the most important part of achieving optimal health and wellness. If you feel comfortable would you mind rating yourself in each category? There are six categories and each category has a value of 10 points possible so you can get up to 60 points. This score is known as your “Health Grade.” I am curious, are you happy with your health grade? If you aren't and you are looking for support, I would love to conduct a lifestyle overview with you and help you with your health and wellness goals. As a wellness advocate with doTERRA I have many free resources at my fingertips and I would love to share them with you.


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To schedule a lifestyle overview of you own, click here.  In the meantime here is some fun information on one of my favorites tools when it comes to health and wellness and that's ESSENTIAL OILS!! 

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