Start your doTERRA business in three easy steps....1,2,3....

1. Create a Wellness Advocate account with doTERRA.

2. Schedule your sales training and join us over on Facebook in our business support group. 

3. Contact me to claim your welcome packet and to schedule your support calls. 

Congratulations on starting your new business!! On Team Geeks, we always have your back and we work together on our team like a smoothly oiled machine. We have team leaders from all over the United States and our team has many specialties. No matter what your hurdle is, within your business, it is likely that we have already experienced it and can help you to navigate through it. We are here to mentor you along with your goals, no matter how large or small. If you haven't already connected with a mentor for our doTERRA business and you are looking for mentor-ship, please click here. and I will do my best to help you get hooked up with someone in your up-line or a cross-line friend.  

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