As a leader of a Silver team I am pretty blessed to work with some amazing people and they inspire me each and every day!

I couldn't be more proud to work with them, to mentor with them, and to learn from them. 

Each of these three ladies has been customers of mine for years and each of them realized they had a love for sharing the problem solving products that doTERRA produces. At different times each of these ladies came to me and asked to be a part of the business. I was honored to mentor them and I am proud to say, five years later, that our team is a smoothly oiled machine and we world together so well. I am so proud of each skill set that each of these unique ladies bring to the table and each lady is rocking her business in her own way! 

If you are curious about Team Geeks and the support that we offer, please contact me or one of my team leaders and we would be happy to help you! 

In the meantime, I invite you to follow my colleagues on social media. 


Paula Hiebert resides in Glencoe, CA and runs 2H Ranch with her husband Steve. She loves spending time with her kids and granddaughter as well as hanging with the animals and working the gardens. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural remedies and is a great example of someone living a pro active lifestyle. To join her educational group on Facebook (Paula's Essential Oil Place) please click here

Tisha Cunningham resides in Valley Springs, CA. and she works in early childhood education. She enjoys hanging out with her family and grand kids, crafting, and educating people about health and wellnesss. To follow Tisha on Facebook, please check out her page: YaYa's Essentials by clicking here

Kim Payne resides in Valley Springs, CA and she works in interior design and well as sharing doTERRA products. She enjoys being with her animals and supporting her college bound daughter. Kim is quite the baker and has a very kind heart. To learn about health and wellness from Kim, check out her page on Facebook: Paynelessly spOILed by clicking here

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